Hymns for Orchestral Ensembles

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
Tune: Hymn to Joy
Arranged by Dale Elmshaeuser

Beginning and interspersed among phrases of the hymn in the Prelude are eighth-note, melodic figures related to the hymn tune. Setting A is the harmonization from Lutheran Book of Worship. Setting B has the melody in the alto line, with a descant above. In setting C, the melody is in the tenor line, with a counter melody in the soprano line that places its 4/4 "measures" one beat later than the measures of the melody. Underneath there is an active bass line, mainly in eighth notes. The entire arrangement is in G Major.

The arrangement can be played by as few as four instruments (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), and by as many as a full wind ensemble (concert band) or orchestra. Orchestration suggestions are given for a large group. The arrangement can accompany a congregation, or be played as an instrumental suite of variations on the hymn. The difficulty level is 3.

Full set includes a Conductor/Keyboard Score, transposed parts for individual woodwind, brass, and string instruments, background notes, and suggestions for performance with or without the congregation and choir.

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